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Transit art on the new 2nd Avenue Subway
I remember several folks here asking me to pose for this picture since New Years Day.

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Reminds me of a cover to a comic I bought years ago, guy riding a bus in a tiger costume but with the head off and carrying a six pack of beer.

It's cool subway art but you can tell that's a really cheap fursuit the guy is wearing, he's a tiger but where are his stripes? lol :P

Remember the bear in the middle?

Yeah I remember that guy. It's too bad the art they're putting in the cars these days isn't nearly as interesting as it used to be.

The stuff they put up now is either really poorly drawn or just plain boring. If I forget my headphones and find myself staring at one of these pictures I need something that'll help keep my mind off the stifling claustrophobia or creepy people people around me!!! ^.^;;;

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