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Look what they have in Korea...wish there were similar VR places here.
RTR riding rocking horse by Babs

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huge floor space required :-(

I'm afraid few arcades have survived from all the home systems: Xbox, PSP, Wii.
And those that have survived must balance large games vs. getting more games into their store.
I don't remember if any of the NJ malls have arcades anymore.
The one in NY Penn Station closed long long ago.
To me, it's not Times Square without "Fascination" and the shooting gallery :-(

I liked fun fantasy games such as PropCycle
where you had to pedal and steer a stationery bicycle to control your virtual character:

Re: huge floor space required :-(

Well in South Korea, from the videos including the commercials, these aren't even arcades but "Riding Clubs", some of which are being marketed as fitness places (like NYSC would be here).

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