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Ferrets big and little
mejeep at Wild West City last Saturday...

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The ferrets are so cute! I wish I could have held one.

Yay! Great pix of Fuzzle Ferret finally fraternizing with friendly ferts! I wish the fursuit noze were functional so I could've shared in their lovely musk-scent and friendly snugglies!

*squee* It's always a great thing to get a pic of yourself in suit with the actual critter.

Can't help but wonder what went through the mind of the real ferret.


The little ferret actually tried crawling inside Fuzzle's mouth! lol

Awesome :)

I really wish I could've made it...

Hey, I remember seeing that BIG ferret back during AC02 or AC03. And RL he is enormous too -- I think I was sat right behind him in a seat waiting for one of the panels for a short time. Absolutely gigantic, didn't realise how huge some furs are! :) . Though me being 5ft4 helps. :)


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