Carousel by Cris B Critter

Carousel tour given by me

Over the past three days I took a family of four visiting from Michigan on a whirlwind tour of nearly every carousel here in my NewYork City hometown ...riding 11 of the 14 carousels across four of the five boroughs, reaching all of and between them entirely by public transportation. It was quite a blast and we enjoyed our mutual company of carousel afficionados. Like a local DIY carousel convention! The parents found out about me on the Facebook page for the National Carousel Association. It was my pleasure and honor to be their NYC carousel guide.

The rides I took my guests to:

Staten Island Zoo, Carousel For All Children at Willowbrook Park, SeaGlass, Central Park, Bryant Park, Pier 62, Jane's Carousel, Coney Island B&B, Deno's Wonder Wheel Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Forest Park