Rapid T. Rabbit (rapidtrabbit) wrote,
Rapid T. Rabbit

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Foxcoon as art

Before heading to work today, I dropped by the Jack Pellican gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn again...this is where earlyadopter_j sponsored last week's Fursuit Paintoff with some of our local fursuiters. Today, as a continuation of his Fursuit Portrait project, Jay was painting foxwell's portrait, this time wearing his newer costume.

At the same time, we're extending this painting session and turning it into a video skit, so I was on hand to tape the process, and we will be continuing this over the next couple of Saturday afternoons.

starforce_dreamwolf was also here and did pencil sketches of Foxwell while he was being painted, and also a photographer friend of Jay's took some still photography. This spontaneous convergence of art media forms (costuming, oil painting, pencil sketching, video, still photography) was quite impressive.
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