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Fursuits on WFS

Here is the furry segment that appeared on G4 as part of the 21st century fetishes episode of Wired For Sex.

They mainly interviewed bengali_summercat with robert_hill and showed old footage from MFF 2000 and CF, plus one of Robert's fursuits on display at the Museum of Sex here in New York City. Outside observers tapped included Katherine Gates whose book "Deviant Desires" originally portrayed fursuiting as a fetish.

Much to my personal "relief", the couple of seconds my picture is shown both in and out of costume, the voiceover heard is "Not all furries are fetishists...some are just interested in the hairy creatures of anime and science fiction." The still photos of me as RTR are the same ones taken by Mark Peterson originally for the Financial Times of London and later syndicated through Corbis.com (which also led to my picture being in the Weekly World News).

Like many similar slanted reports on the fandom, this pieces confuses and blurs the distinction between the fandom at large and those that don fursuits, and then gives the inevitable impression that most wearers are in them for deviant sex. Indeed, in the show's script, you could easily interchange the word "fetish" with "hobby" when they were talking about "other" aspects of the fandom, but given the nature of the series and this episode in particular, the F word was favored.

One more thing, while I was friends with Robert Hill years ago in the past, in this TV report he mentions humping a friend in a rabbit costume--that was certainly not me.
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